SCPI Directory 2015

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The SCPI reference guide

With net inflows close to €3 billion and capitalisation reaching €33 billion on 31st December 2014, the “SCPI” still follows an upward trend. This dynamism corroborate the attraction of the French to this type of investment vehicle managed by real estate professionals and offering high and sustainable performance with an attractive risk/reward ratio. The integration of the “SCPI” in 2014 within the Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) under the European AIFM directive, is further evidence of the SCPI’s importance in the landscape of intermediated savings.

You will find in this new 2015 edition of the SCPI directory:

  • a synthetic view of the sector including historical background, the must-know concepts of operations, the breakdown of the property portfolios, and an exhaustive list of the market players ;
  • the SCPI figures on 31st December 2014: gross inflows, net inflows, secondary market shares, capitalisation, performance in 2014 (yield over market value and average share price);
  • the detailed records of all SCPI: contacts, financial data, the property portfolio details and the medium and long-term performance (5, 10 and 15 years).

The 2015 SCPI Directory is the reference guide of the “SCPI” sector, for both professionals and private investors.

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