OPCI directory 2015

120 €OPCI-2015

The reference guide on the “Organisme de Placement Collectif Immobilier” (OPCIs)

With nearly €43.7 billion worth of real estate assets on 31st December 2014, the buoyancy of the OPCI (collective real estate investment funds) is unquestionable. So far supported by institutional players’ demand, the OPCI market now benefits from a new growth driver with the rise of the “OPCI Grand Public” that reached €2 billion capitalization on 31st December 2014.

This 7th edition includes:

    • All the figures available on the market OPCI
    • Historical background on the origin and the workings of the OPCI
    • Legal and fiscal update as of the entry into force of the AIFM Directive
    • The rules governing the OPCIs (professional or opened to the public)
    • A profile sheet for each designated management company
    • A detailed description for each OPCI

The OPCI Directory 2015 remains the must read to know all about the OPCI.